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Tracy Herbert

Tracy Herbert; grandmother, wife, and mother spreads hope across America. Tracy is a Speaker, Leader in the Longevity Movement, Authority on Health and Wellness, Health Coach, Podcast Host, Bestselling Author, and long distance cyclist. Her books include Longevity Codes: Live Longer - Stay Healthy - Remain Independent, Ride for Hope: One Woman's Solo 3,527 Mile Bicycle Ride that Inspired the Nation, and Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph: Lessons from 40 Years of Beating the Odds. This grandmother of six believes in living life to the fullest, no matter our age or diagnosis. She has outlived her doctor's dismal predictions by practicing what she teaches. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 43 years ago, she was given no hope. Tracy became a researcher as a teen in order to learn how she could prove that hopeless diagnosis wrong. 

Tracy celebrates her beating the odds by riding her bicycle 3,527 miles, from California to New York; ending up on "The Dr. Oz Show", touching many lives along the way, and proving we can do anything if we make the right choices. 

Tracy is the founder of The Diabetes Technology Advocacy Foundation, formed to provide life-saving Continuous Glucose Monitors and Insulin Pumps to youth whose families cannot otherwise afford them.

Tracy's podcasts are Longevity Codes and Your Diabetes Breakthrough which offer valuable insights from leading authorities on healthy living and provide tools and strategies for living the best quality of life, no matter the age.

Tracy's credentials: Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, 43-years with Type 1 diabetes with zero complications, B.S. in Psychology, and life-long researcher.

Fred Herbert

Fred Herbert is a Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, International Speaker, and Nationally Recognized Expert in Business Transformations. He has redirected his passion for business process improvement towards health and anti-aging. Fred’s 10-year personal transformation began 45 pounds overweight, on three different prescriptions, and unable to ride a bicycle more than two miles. Now his blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides require no medications, he’s at a healthy weight, and completed a 121-mile bicycle ride.

Fred gives much of the credit to his wife Tracy who is a leading authority in health and wellness and together they coauthored, Longevity Codes: Live Longer Stay Healthy Remain Independent. The Longevity Codes weekly podcast focuses on scientific peer-reviewed research along with interviews with physicians and scientists to provide listeners tools they can use for better health and longevity. Together, Fred and Tracy are on a mission to help others live a longer, healthier, and more active life.

Longevity is about more than adding years but making it possible for those extra years to be healthy, happy, and fulfilling. Healthy aging is about having the right mindset, along with the tools necessary to achieve a younger biological age than the chronological age.

Fred is an accomplished artist and enjoys traveling, bicycling, hiking, and backpacking with his wife Tracy. They also enjoy spending time with their four kids and six grandchildren.

Fred's bestselling books in the business sector are Business Turnaround Blueprint and Business For Sale Blueprint.


Bestselling authors Fred and Tracy Hebert have joined forces to help you live a longer and healthier life. They share years of personal experience with health and wellness along with recent scientific discoveries.

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